To assist and encourage the IAES students to continue on and complete Year 12, Engineering Aid Australia offers Continuing School Scholarships when the students return to their High School after attending the IAES. The students, at their discretion, may use the scholarship money for School expenses, books, fees, excursions, Maths equipment, or extra coaching.

Continuing School Scholarships

The supporting teacher nominated on the Application Form will be contacted after the IAES, and upon verification that the student has reenrolled at school, EAA will send a cheque and certificate to the school to be presented to the student.

The amount will vary depending on the year of study and currently stands at $300 for students who next enter Years 10 or 11after the IAES and $400 for students who next enter Year12.

Jeff Dobell Memorial Scholarships

In memory of the late Jeff Dobell, the founder of EAA, students who have attended an IAES and enrol in any University in Australia to study Engineering or an Engineering related course, are eligible to receive a one-off Jeff Dobell Memorial Scholarship which currently stands at $3000. The students are invited to become EAA Ambassadors and attend Sponsor ‘Thank You’ receptions and support the IAES Program whenever the opportunity arises.


During the IAES the students have an opportunity to meet Engineers from our Sponsors at:

  • The Communities Session where Engineers speak about projects that they have been involved in that have benefitted communities.
  • The Networking Function which is a trade-fair style event where students have an opportunity to ask questions one-on-one about Engineering careers, pathways, work experience opportunities and internships.

These networking opportunities allow sponsors and students to make valuable connections that lead to further career mentoring.