• Greg Steele (Chair)
  • John McKillop (CEO)
  • Anne Vans-Colina (Public Relations)
  • Larissa Andrews(Western Australia Relations)
  • Ben Lange (Indigenous Community Relations)
  • Elizabeth Mildwater
  • Dr Jeff McMullen,AM
  • Emeritus Prof.John Carter,AM
  • Emeritus Prof.Archie Johnston
  • Lydia Lindsey-Hartmann (Secretary)

Back Row:John McKillop, Lydia Lindsey-Hartmann, Greg Steele, Elizabeth Mildwater, Larissa Andrew.

Front Row: Darren English, Ben Lange, Anne Vans-Colina, John Carter, Jeff McMullen

Chairman’s Message

Now in its 21st year, Engineering Aid Australia and its IAES Program continue to expand and grow. Because EAA is run by a small group of dedicated and passionate volunteers, we have been able to maintain a very personal relationship with our students, our alumni and the band of generous Sponsors whose funding has made it possible for us to provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with the opportunity to see the benefits of pursuing a career as a Professional Engineer.

Our combined efforts have resulted in over 600 students participating in the EAA program since its inception in 1996 – over 40 former IAES former students are currently studying for a Degree in Engineering or a related course and over 100 former IAES students have joined the workforce as a Professional Engineer.In recent times on average 11 Indigenous High School students have gone onto study Engineering or a related course at University after attending one of our two annual Indigenous Australian Engineering Schools held in Sydney and Perth.

This significant progress has not been possible without our valued Sponsors and our dedicated and passionate Board members, past and present – so a big thank you to all. We feel justifiably proud and affirm our commitment to continue to build on Jeff Dobell’s legacy now – and in the years to come.

Greg Steele