Since its inception in 1996 EAA has inspired and supported Indigenous High School students with an aptitude for maths and science to complete High School, go onto study Engineering at University and become a Professional Engineer.

As further explained in this website, EAA:

  • conducts each year a week- long Indigenous Australian Engineering School (IAES), one in Sydney currently hosted by Sydney University in January, and another in Perth currently hosted by Curtin University in July, with about 25 Indigenous High School students from around Australia attending the IAES at no cost to themselves;
  • provides the IAES students with financial assistance to complete their High School studies and to study Engineering or a related course at an Australian University;
  • assists the IAES students after they leave High School in finding work experience and career opportunities with EAA’s Sponsors.

The success of the IAES Program would not be possible without the generous donations and support EAA receives from its Sponsors.