Former IAES students attending Sydney Sponsors Reception

Since its inception in 1996 approximately 800 have attended an IAES of whom more than 95% have continued on to and completed Year 12 with the help of EAA’s  Continuing School Scholarships. On average 25 per cent of the students who attend an IAES go on to study Engineering or a related course at University.

This pipeline of students has substantially increased the total number of Indigenous Engineers in Australia.

A strong culture of mentoring and ‘returning to give back’ has developed over the of the IAES Program with former IAES students who are or were Engineering undergraduates or graduates returning to participate in an IAES as Houseparent mentors and also to become  Engineering Aid Australia Ambassadors.

Former IAES students attending the 20th Anniversary Gala Dinner


Former IAES students attending Perth Sponsors Reception