1995 Jeff Dobell forms Engineering Aid (EA). The concept of a Summer School is discussed with Sydney University and fund raising begins

1998 The first Summer School is held in January at Sydney University

1999 Former Prime Minister of Australia The Hon Bob Hawke AC becomes Patron of EA

2006 The first female student (Courtney Ryder nee Thompson) graduates as a Biomedical Engineer

2007 The first IAESS class to produce eight graduate engineers as well as one Associate Diploma- Engineering

2009 Continuing School scholarships are introduced

2010 The first Summer School in WA is held at Curtin University

2011 The Jeff Dobell Memorial University Scholarships are introduced

2015 Former IAESS student Ben Lange joins the EAA Board

2016 13 Summer School students enrol in Engineering Degree courses across Australia.  42 EAA students studying Engineering at universities throughout Australia. The 500th student to attend a Summer School.

2017 EAA celebrates its 20thAnniversary with a Gala Dinner at Parliament House in Sydney and a Vice-Regal reception at Government House.

2018 Name change. The  Indigenous Australian Summer School Summer ( IAESS) in Perth is moved to July leading to the Program being re-named  the Indigenous Australian Engineering Schools (IAES).

2019 A second IAES alumnus, Ezra Jacobs-Smith, joins EAA Board of Directors.

2019 New Patron:His Excellency General TheHonourable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), Governor- General of the Commonwealth of Australia, succeeds the Hon RJL Hawke AC, as Patron of EAA.

2019 EAA celebrates the 10thIAES hosted by Curtin University in Perth with a Gala Dinner and a Vice-Regal reception at Government House.

2021 Courtney Ryder becomes the first former IAES student to gain a PhD.