Engineering Aid Australia has since its inception conducted Indigenous Australian Engineering Schools each year in Sydney.

The first IAES was conducted at Sydney University in 1997 and hosting returned to the University in 2011 and has continued to the present day.

Students from the Eastern states (NSW, Vic, Qld, Tas, NT and SA) are invited to apply to attend the IAES hosted by Sydney University.

Application Forms are emailed by Sydney University to all Secondary schools in these states and are also available on Engineering Aid Australia’s website.

Sydney University

Sydney IAES 2021

Students from NSW are invited to apply to attend the in person IAES to be held at Sydney University from 4-10 July. APPLICATION FORM

Students from elsewhere in Australia ( except WA) are invited to apply to participate in an online IAES hosted by Sydney University from 6-8 July 2021. APPLICATION FORM