Neika Chatfield

Attending the IAESS in 2014 really has been what inspired me to do engineering. Before attending this program I was unsure of what exactly it was that I wanted to do, let alone study when I leave school. Meeting so many different people within the engineering and science industry from all different fields and companies, it opened my mind a lot, to what it is that engineering is and how important it is and has been for so long. What also inspired me while attending the program is the amount of females within the industry and even those on the camp whom were also interested in the field. I find it great that not only Indigenous students, but female Indigenous students are encouraged to attend these programs and seek a future career as an engineer.

Since attending not only the IAESS, but also the ISESW and ISEW, I have been opened to many opportunities that have encouraged me to pursue a future degree in engineering. Since the programs I have been granted a scholarship with BHP Billiton and applied and been accepted into a bachelor of engineering (Hons)/ Science at The University of Queensland. It wasn’t easy getting into the course I wanted, but talking to staff from not only UQ but also USYD I was able to seek advice and guidance on how to make up those extra points I needed to get into my desired course. Without Engineering Aid Australia encouraging and guiding me to attend IAESS and pursue a degree in engineering, I don’t think that I would be where I am today. I’d like to thank all of those at Engineering Aid Australia and the sponsors who encourage Indigenous Australian youth to seek tertiary education in such an important degree as that of engineering. I know that it has definitely helped me and will continue to educate and guide many others.